As much as you want :-). You will pay a monthly fee based on the number of orders. You can easily create accounts for everybody in your company. You can invite your business partners and it will cost you 0.

Of course we can, just contact us at or on chat. Milan and Jakub are available 24/7 :-).

Yes you can! Transport quoting for your forwarders and carriers is automatically done with one click. This will save you a lot of time. Wereldo will automatically ask the carrier / forwarder if he can transport your goods and how much it will cost.

Of course! And not just opening hours and forklifts at location. We can count with other restrictions:

  • Location of Origin
  • Location of Destination
  • Volume / dimensions
  • Weight
  • Stackability
  • Goods rotation
  • Delivery date
  • Reduced handling
  • Type of vehicle(s)
  • Customer time windows
  • Vehicle tonnage and volume restrictions
  • Restriction to a specific vehicle type
  • Time availability of vehicles
  • Loading capacity
  • Different road clearance for different types of vehicles
  • Stackability of products at loading
  • Equipment at location
  • Equipment and type of vehicle in relation to the type of goods and handling
  • Speed ​​limit to vehicle type
  • Drive time limitation according to the driver's mandatory stops
  • Traffic situation
  • Working hours and availability of drivers

Certainly not! The first version with manual inputs can be used within a few days. It takes from 4 weeks to 3 months to implement the automated version. It depends on the size of the company. If you want to know how long it will take, please contact us at or on chat, facebook or linkedin. Milan and Jakub will contact you as soon as possible.